Star Warz I

 So, we made this movie a long time ago after we downloaded a demo version of FXhome. 

Yeah, FXhome.

I had been searching so long and so hard for a program that could add gunfire, lasers, explosions, lightsabers, and all that good stuff into movies.  Not to mention I had a budget of like zero dollars, so I needed to stay within that price range.  That can be a hard thing to do, let me tell you. 

So I found this little product called FXhome, which is made by some company in Britain, and they had this nice site with a little box office where people showed their movies they had edited with the program and a ton of awesome stuff like that. Only one problem: the price said, 'only $149'. 

To quote Jaxson, "That's like saying, 'it's only a gorilla.' "

Luckily for us, they offered a demo version which had all the features but rendered the video with a big ugly watermark.  But hey, free software is free software, right? 

So we download this onto our old laptop, kind of figure out how all the options work, and then say, "Hey! Let's make a movie with lightsabers!"

And the rest is history. Except for now we edit our movies with the Adobe CS5.5 Suite, which we are using to add new lightsabers. We will release that version soon!



New Crew Member!

Hello there, everyone. My name is Billy Bello, and I am the new plot writer of Firestorm Movie Productions. Basically, that means that I create new and original ideas for future movies. Because all good movies need a good plot, right?

Anyways, I'm thirteen years old, and pride myself in being extremely literate. Seriously. That's about the one thing I can take credit for in anything. Hopefully we'll get some new videos up, so you guys won't be bored. I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day! - Billy

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Well, We're officially moving. My Dad got the operator job at the C.J. Strike Power plant, which is in Grand View, which is near Mountain Home, which is near Boise. We're all very sad to leave Hagerman, but it's probably for the best.

- Taylor


Coming Soon

Appomattox. The Army of Northern Virginia's last stand. Presented in short story.


Hello there, this is Taylor. Torsten told me to create my own introduction thing on this blog, so here goes.

My name is Taylor Pearson, as I said before, and I am the special effects editor for Firestorm Movie Productions. My other positions for the company include Actor and Producer, but being the "effects guy" is the thing that I'm best at. I am thirteen years old, and probably the most advanced special effects editor (for my age) in the world. No kidding. (kidding) (kind of) anyways, pretty soon, you'll see lots of movement around the blog. I am going to post some of the videos that I've made, just to show you that I am not bragging. So, by the time you read this, you probably think that I'm a weirdo. And that might be true. but anyways, take a look around the blog. You might see some cool stuff. Take a look at Video Copilot, The absotively posilutely best place in the internet world for effects. They have LOTS of extremely fun tutorials, and lots of amazing products like, Action Essentials 2, (I bought that one) Pro Scores, and Optical Flares, Just to name a few. The guy at Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer, is really fun and creative with everything he does. So, thanks for checking out the blog, and the videos if you have. Again, take a look around the blog, take a look at our YouTube Channel, have fun.. and.. yeah....

- Taylor

TRAMP: The Trampoline Files

This is it- the oldest movie we made that I can find on our computer. We shot this a long time ago at our old house at Shoshone Falls. We had a pretty peaceful life down there. That is, until my brother was born and now our quiet life is gone FOREVER.

Just kidding. Serious about the peaceful life, though.

So, back then, all we had was a camera and some ideas. Which is pretty much the same as now, except that back then we were pretty amateurish in getting our movies made. We were Sushi Movies... another one of those great studio names I came up with. I wasn't relatively new to Windows Movie Maker, but then, it was Windows Movie Maker. I was ready to create a YouTube channel and was seriously trying to figure out how to launch a site where people would come to watch these movies.

Looking back, I'm wondering why I was so serious about this.

Anyway, I present to you TRAMP: The Trampoline Files with music by 5 for Fighting(sic). Not quite sure what year this was, though I'm thinkin' sometime in 2008.

Just something to tide you over until we get our Star Warz movies ready.