Hello there, this is Taylor. Torsten told me to create my own introduction thing on this blog, so here goes.

My name is Taylor Pearson, as I said before, and I am the special effects editor for Firestorm Movie Productions. My other positions for the company include Actor and Producer, but being the "effects guy" is the thing that I'm best at. I am thirteen years old, and probably the most advanced special effects editor (for my age) in the world. No kidding. (kidding) (kind of) anyways, pretty soon, you'll see lots of movement around the blog. I am going to post some of the videos that I've made, just to show you that I am not bragging. So, by the time you read this, you probably think that I'm a weirdo. And that might be true. but anyways, take a look around the blog. You might see some cool stuff. Take a look at Video Copilot, The absotively posilutely best place in the internet world for effects. They have LOTS of extremely fun tutorials, and lots of amazing products like, Action Essentials 2, (I bought that one) Pro Scores, and Optical Flares, Just to name a few. The guy at Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer, is really fun and creative with everything he does. So, thanks for checking out the blog, and the videos if you have. Again, take a look around the blog, take a look at our YouTube Channel, have fun.. and.. yeah....

- Taylor

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