Feature Productions

Half Moon Investigations

When Fletcher Moon, a young detective, is hired to solve the theft of a precious keepsake, he uncovers a mysterious crime spree whose perpetrator seems to be targeting the youth of the town.  All evidence points to Red Sharkey, the school bully and son of a crime boss, after he threatens to hurt Fletcher if he doesn't stop the investigation. Then one night Fletcher is assaulted outside his home and framed for a serious crime. In order to prove his own innocence, he must run from the police and join an unlikely ally in a new investigation to unlock the conspiracy and solve the crime. But in revealing the criminal, he may hurt one of the people he cares about most.

Based on the novel by Eoin Colfer. Directed by Torsten Pearson.
starring:  Henry Whitney   Hank Hanson   McKenzie Manning


S10-U6 (strike ten unit six) is a top secret elite strike force that is assigned only to the most remote, dangerous, and impossible missions.  Stories are passed down about this group and their many exploits.  Few are true and the rest are myths.  The identities and dwellings of its members are kept under strict confidentiality and their families are protected under tight security in order to preserve their livelihoods.

Presented in a trilogy series.

Short Films


The year is 2050. The place is communist America.  A young government officer is assigned to investigate a poaching situation, or A-236, that has been sighted in the mountains. The officer discovers a man who hunts animals in order to support his wife and family. Instead of arresting the man and his family, he allows them to teach him about freedom and the America that once was.

starring:  Hank Hanson   Barrett Manning

Unnamed Project - gladiator

A farmer of a faraway counry is captured in a war and taken in to be a gladiator.  He trains by day and by night dreams of a beautiful woman leading him through an unkown wilderness.  He wrestles with his conscience as he is forced to kill in order to survive.  He defies an empire in his quest for paradise.

Written and directed by Torsten Pearson.

starring:  Nielsen Lundgren   Hank Hanson

Music Videos
Some of the songs we're planning on making videos to.

Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Solitary Man - Neil Diamond
Big Iron - Marty Robbins
Standin' in the Rain - Electric Light Orchestra
Don Quixote - Gordon Lightfoot