TRAMP: The Trampoline Files

This is it- the oldest movie we made that I can find on our computer. We shot this a long time ago at our old house at Shoshone Falls. We had a pretty peaceful life down there. That is, until my brother was born and now our quiet life is gone FOREVER.

Just kidding. Serious about the peaceful life, though.

So, back then, all we had was a camera and some ideas. Which is pretty much the same as now, except that back then we were pretty amateurish in getting our movies made. We were Sushi Movies... another one of those great studio names I came up with. I wasn't relatively new to Windows Movie Maker, but then, it was Windows Movie Maker. I was ready to create a YouTube channel and was seriously trying to figure out how to launch a site where people would come to watch these movies.

Looking back, I'm wondering why I was so serious about this.

Anyway, I present to you TRAMP: The Trampoline Files with music by 5 for Fighting(sic). Not quite sure what year this was, though I'm thinkin' sometime in 2008.

Just something to tide you over until we get our Star Warz movies ready.


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