Star Warz I

 So, we made this movie a long time ago after we downloaded a demo version of FXhome. 

Yeah, FXhome.

I had been searching so long and so hard for a program that could add gunfire, lasers, explosions, lightsabers, and all that good stuff into movies.  Not to mention I had a budget of like zero dollars, so I needed to stay within that price range.  That can be a hard thing to do, let me tell you. 

So I found this little product called FXhome, which is made by some company in Britain, and they had this nice site with a little box office where people showed their movies they had edited with the program and a ton of awesome stuff like that. Only one problem: the price said, 'only $149'. 

To quote Jaxson, "That's like saying, 'it's only a gorilla.' "

Luckily for us, they offered a demo version which had all the features but rendered the video with a big ugly watermark.  But hey, free software is free software, right? 

So we download this onto our old laptop, kind of figure out how all the options work, and then say, "Hey! Let's make a movie with lightsabers!"

And the rest is history. Except for now we edit our movies with the Adobe CS5.5 Suite, which we are using to add new lightsabers. We will release that version soon!


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