Hey, sorry bloggers. Sorry we're so procastinatical. (is that a word?) before, I said you would see a lot of movement on the blog. well, I'll come straight out and tell you now.     I LIED.=(
I'm not proud of it or anything, but I just really didn't know.
Well now that I've confessed, I have to release some sensitive info.
First: I'm pretty close to done with a football highlight reel that some of my 8th grader buddies have been begging me to do. Second: I think I might be almost done with a short quirky video (aren't all of our videos short and quirky?) that stars yours truly and his buddy, Nielsen. Third: I might ALSO be almost be done with another short quirky video starring, again, Nielsen and I. But this time we add Nielsen's brother to the mix. And that's all. Hopefully you won't have to wait as long for another post, but don't get your hopes up.=) Have a nice day! -Taylor

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