Baking The Darn Cake

So, once again long time no see. Me and my brother's work has been going really slowly. Me and him were just "Discussing"(arguing) and he brought up something that really made me think. I was saying that I'm a big part of our movie studio; that I do all the effects and color correction which really make movies good and important. (They do.) but he told me:"Taylor, it's like baking a cake. I'm the one that puts all the ingredients together and"-- Then I interrupted him by blurting out:"And I'm the one that does all the icing." Then it hit me. that's almost exactly what filmaking is. Baking a cake. Pre-production is like shopping at the store for all the ingredients. Once your done shopping, if you've gotten really good quality ingredients, it makes for a really good cake. Then comes the actual filming process. It's like putting together the ingredients for the cake; and every time you add an ingredient, you know the thing is just going to be tasty when you're done. Then comes the Post-production. That's when your cake is being baked. The cake is almost done but there is one VERY Important thing thing left. If this VERY Important thing is left out, The cake will look ugly and nobody will want to eat it. This VERY Important thing is the ICING. That's my job. I create all the color correction for the shots. I create all the visual effects and I'M the one that completes the cake. SO, that's what this lame post is all about. Baking a cake.  but anyways, that's what it is. The shopping, the putting together and the baking and icing. the Pre-production, the filming, and the Post-production. So anyways, I know that by now most of you are either sleeping or thinking:"What the heck is wrong with this kid?" I don't care. This whole baking a cake metaphor could also be done with the feeding process of fat hippos but I don't know......

- Taylor

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