Hey, there. This is the OFFICIAL webpage and blog of FIRESTORM MOVIE PRODUCTIONS, or Firestorm for short.  Here you can find official news, videos, photos, and info about us and our various projects.

First, a little bit about myself. My name is Torsten. I am the main founder of, and director under, the aforementioned movie studio. I am sixteen years old, and like to make movies. I also like writing stories and stuff for my movies. Well, more like I think up a plot and some characters, and a couple of actions scenes and parts of dialogue, but I can't get a whole story down on paper. Maybe writing isn't my finer point. But I'm hoping to get a writer soon...

I also like to read. Fiction, nonfiction, picture books, bios, anything interesting. I like to draw, and I'm into graphic design. I like music, and I have a wide variety of taste ranging from oldies to modern, a little dabble in country, instrumental, and mainly good songs. I play piano, and I'm really trying to get into writing music, but that hasn't worked out so far.

I'm also homeschooled. Yeah, I know, I know. The socially inept thing. Whatever.

Anyways, Firestorm is one big company with little sections focused on short and experimental films (Electric Short Film Productions) and, very soon, music videos (Fantast!c).  You would not believe how many names we went through before settling on this (we being my brother and friends who act in the movies). Bravo Studios, Paradox Projects (I really liked that one), Solar Wind... you get it. We wanted something abstract and creative, but something that would fit any genre of movie. That's why Paradox got nixed; and Bravo Studios, well, that was a friend's studio.

So, if you stay tuned, you will learn more stuff about us who we are and what we do. And that's make movies.


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